10 things you need to know about International Branch Campuses

The world of international branch campuses (IBCs) can be confusing. What counts as an IBC? Where are they opening and closing… and why? Are they here to stay?

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Higher education in 2017 - what you need to think about

This time last year we made some predictions on what we thought would happen in HE during 2016, so how did we do?

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Six apprenticeship levy myths that need to be put straight

2017 - the year of the apprenticeship levy has arrived.

From April 6, the levy will come into effect and eligible employers will begin to pay. Over the next three years, the levy is expected to fund the government’s target of three million new apprenticeships.

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The UK as an International Student's Destination

Students. Every institution needs them. So in today’s saturated marketplace, how do you ensure that you attract the best students for you? Now throw in to the mix the complexities of enticing students from overseas and the task becomes a lot more challenging.

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Apprenticeship Reforms: Thinking of becoming an employer-provider?

So after much deliberation and discussion you have decided that becoming an employer-provider is a viable and attractive option for your organisation.

You have analysed your levy bill, reviewed your workforce skill needs, evaluated your L&D and talent development programmes in line with…

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APAC #HEFEST - An interview with Ian Marshman, University of Melbourne

Following a successful APAC HE FEST, we interviewed Ian Marshman, University of Melbourne, about his perspective on higher education.

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APAC #HEFEST - An interview with Dr Cate Gribble, senior research fellow at RMIT

Following a successful APAC HE FEST, we interviewed Dr Cate Gribble, senior research fellow at RMIT about her perspective on higher education. 

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Three tips for keeping your school’s good Ofsted rating

Recent analysis of OFSTED gradings between 2005 and 2015 show that more schools are keeping or improving on their good ratings, with the BBC stating that nearly nine in 10 schools were at least good at their latest inspection – up five per cent on last year. This is despite “significant…

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ebs:ontrack buzz - we need to get down with the kids...

"I thought you were down with the kids? Why do you keep sending me email! "

That was the response I received from a student when asking why he had not responded to me trying to get in touch with him over assignment work .... 6 years ago! 

It was at that moment I realised that I had to start…

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ebs:ontrack buzz - a communication tool for the next generation.

In September of 2015, my fellow students and I were introduced to a new app called ebs:ontrack buzz. Described to us as a new private, safe platform that would enable a stronger communication between students and staff, we were excited to discover the benefits it would bring to us, our tutors…

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