Lauren Hancox

Lauren is Head of Marketing Communications at Tribal Group and is responsible for the delivery of Tribal’s brand messaging and marketing communications strategy. As well as being a marketing enthusiast, Lauren enjoys anything to do with words – writing them, reading them or talking them! She’s a lover of literature and also has (an expensive) passion for travel and exploration.

Recent Posts

Celebrating inspiring educators - Hammersmith and Fulham Adult Community Learning

It was a cold morning in central London when I arrived at the inner city adult education centre in the borough of Hammersmith and Fulham. The centre reminded me of an old school, with exposed brick corridors of classrooms, high ceilings and the humdrum of shoes pounding the tiled floors. I was…

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Celebrating inspiring educators - Derwen College

Derwen College is a very special place. When we visited, we came away feeling proud to work in a sector that does such incredible things every single day. The college works with young people with learning difficulties and disabilities; providing inspirational learning, development and care which…

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Celebrating inspiring educators - University of St Andrews

Our visit to the University of St Andrews was an unusual one as it started with a trip to the local airport. After battling with holiday makers, a short flight, a tram, two trains, and a taxi, we finally made it to sunny St Andrews, an afternoon ahead of our filming schedule. We took the time to…

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Celebrating inspiring educators - Leonardo Helicopters

It's no secret that staff at Tribal are passionately dedicated to empowering education around the world. Recently we've been working closely with a whole host of inspiring educators; and after spending time with some of them, we wanted to share their stories. Here's what happened when we went to…

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Filling the Skills Gap: A view from the UK


The skills gap in the UK is back in the spotlight following the triggering of Article 50 and ambitious net migration targets. Tribal Group has taken a look at the problem, the initiatives and what can be done.
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Administrators, what can you do with a minute?

Managing time (or simply the notion of not having enough of it), seems to be a daily challenge for all learning providers. We asked providers from the further and higher education space as well as the work-based learning sector; to tell us their common day to day headaches; and we weren’t…

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Women in Technology Part Two: Has there ever been a more visible time for women in technology?

Pouring over the weeks' industry magazines, I'm almost hit in the face. Fewer than 25% of information technology jobs in developed countries are held by women. As a female working at Tribal Group, an education software and services company, I almost spill my tea. I knew the gender divide in tech…

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Women in Technology Part One: "I bet she wished she never asked"

Not so long ago on a chilly but crisp winter's walk with a friend, she asked me "if you could live in any era, which would you go to and why?"

I thought long and hard. As a child of the 1980s, and now, an adult with a passion for post modernism and a yearning for the roaring 20s, there were…

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Top 5 Tips for lifting the lid on students’ success

With the number of students dropping out of UK Universities approaching 10%, the retention and satisfaction of students is a key focus for further and higher education. Want to get greater insight into your students and improve student success? Follow our top five tips and see how…

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Two years ago I wrote an article snappily entitled “Print power in an attention deficit economy”, where I discussed the topic of printed vs digital text, and whether or not there is a preference. If you haven’t read it, you can read it here. Today, in the long awaited sequel, I'm exploring the…

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