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Sophie is the Interim Head of Marketing Communications at Tribal Group.
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6 ways to brighten up your Blue Monday

Posted by Sophie Fryer on January 15, 2018

If something feels a bit 'off' today, or if you have arrived into work a little deflated, then it's no coincidence. Today is Blue Monday, the supposed 'saddest day of the year'.

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Why we’ve re-designed

Posted by Sophie Fryer on November 14, 2017

Here at Tribal, once we decide we’ve got a good thing going – we take the plunge and go all in.

Which is why, when we launched our new Tribal brand in April, it spurred us on to re-design our current website. The response we received about Tribal’s new look and feel was incredibly positive and we felt like the brand was a true reflection of our future. However, our website was now definitely letting us down.

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#ourdigitaljourney – what we’ve learnt along the way

Posted by Sophie Fryer on October 13, 2016

Little over a year ago, Tribal’s digital presence was limited. Social media was sporadic, our website wasn’t mobile optimised and the blog had no strategy attached to it.

Fast forward a year and we have completely changed the way we look at digital marketing. It is now at the forefront of our integrated campaigns and we are constantly trialling and testing to find the best ways to grab attention. We have changed the way we communicate to make sure our customers get what they need and we are more than prepared to keep learning as much as we can.

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Academic Migration - Part 2

Posted by Sophie Fryer on March 1, 2016

Our blog series 'Academic Migration' explores the different journeys students are experiencing when studying for their qualifications. Some choose to study in their home town, others move away to a new city and there are those who opt to live abroad and study internationally.

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Academic Migration - Part 1

Posted by Sophie Fryer on January 8, 2016

With the cost of UK university fees at an all time high, it is understandable that students are starting to consider their options. In an earlier blog post Students as Consumers we explored the idea that more undergraduates might be tempted by international options.

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8 things you didn't know about UK universities

Posted by Sophie Fryer on November 4, 2015

As the UCAS January admissions deadline approaches, thousands of students across the UK will already be thinking about what university to apply for next year.

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Celebrity apprentices: 10 famous faces whose careers began in work-based learning

Posted by Sophie Fryer on October 9, 2015

With apprenticeships being offered in more subjects than ever, it comes as no surprise that there are many house-hold names amongst those whose careers began in work-based learning.

The uptake of apprenticeships has grown enormously over the years and the government has now pledged to support 3 million apprentices by 2020.

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