10 on-the-job training roles for career success

Apprentices want intense training, a clear career path, good pay, and to be inspired.

Here are ten fantastic roles that tick all boxes:

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5 things to think about now that you are an employer training provider

Congratulations! If you're reading this you may have recently found out that you have made it onto the Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers. Step one may be complete - but the hard work starts now.

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Top ten tips for self-assessment

Self-assessment is widely-regarded as an essential element of the improvement cycle, but it is all too often misunderstood and maligned. Learning to self-assess effectively as an organisation is not easy and the skills to do so have to be developed. 

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Six apprenticeship levy myths that need to be put straight

2017 - the year of the apprenticeship levy has arrived.

From April 6, the levy will come into effect and eligible employers will begin to pay. Over the next three years, the levy is expected to fund the government’s target of three million new apprenticeships.

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Apprenticeship Reforms: Thinking of becoming an employer-provider?

So after much deliberation and discussion you have decided that becoming an employer-provider is a viable and attractive option for your organisation.

You have analysed your levy bill, reviewed your workforce skill needs, evaluated your L&D and talent development programmes in line with…

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Time to decide - what is the levy strategy for your business?

2017 will be a turning point for employers, employees and apprenticeships as a whole. By now I expect every employer understands what the apprenticeship levy is and, financially, how this will affect their business. Despite this, with only 6 months until the levy comes into effect, many…

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Apprenticeship reform 2017: What do we know so far?

Four months ago I sat in the Palace of Westminster listening to an FE Week debate which featured a number of leading figures within the learning and skills sector air their views on the proposed reforms to apprenticeship funding, delivery and assessment.

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A vote to leave – what's the outlook for the education sector?

Britain’s decision to leave the European Union was a shock to many, and will certainly have significant and far-reaching implications for the future of our country. In a previous post we looked at the differing views for those who wanted to leave and those who wanted to remain, and what a Brexit…

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Should we stay or should we go?

Should we stay or should we go? On Thursday 23rd June Britain will decide whether it should leave or remain in the European Union. Over recent weeks we have heard many arguments from both sides of the campaign. Our holidays will cost more, our house values will plummet and thousands of jobs…

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Financial Planning for Training Providers – there’s “doing it”, and there’s doing it to truly impact the bottom line of the business.

For many Providers, the Financial Planning is a labour intensive process that doesn't necessarily provide the business with the level of accurate analysis to truly impact the bottom line. Spreadsheets are prevalent in the process due to the limitations of the systems used to manage learner data,…
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