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Business Intelligence: Reducing costs and improving productivity by effectively analysing data

Posted by Tribal Group on January 14, 2016

When it comes to analysing data, using the right combination of technology and methodologies can have a profound impact on an organisation’s ability to reduce costs and improve productivity. Tribal has a wealth of experience in helping organisations harness the power of their data, creating bespoke systems which provide valuable insight at the click of a mouse.

Our research subsidiary, i-graduate, offers its customers a BI service called Interact, which allows universities to benchmark their own performance against the sector as a whole. With the ability to drill down, access graphical visualisations and explore the data, universities are able to assess their effectiveness and make changes and redeployments to ensure that they achieve the best outcomes.

Skills for Care, a government agency which ensures that adult social care workers have the correct skills and qualifications, utilise our BI know-how to help collect and analyse data related to around 1.5 million workers. The National Minimum Data Set for Social Care service creates parameterised reports and graphical visualisations that enable workforce capacity to be easily benchmarked.


Student Insight is our new predictive analysis service which focusses on student retention and academic performance, enabling universities to spot potential problems before they occur. The software shows predictions and analytics of historic data side by side in order to allow managers to make an informed decision about necessary remedial action.

“True Business Intelligence is so much more than just colourful charts and dashboards.  We apply our experience and skills across a range of technologies to bring our customers’ data to life so that they can interact directly with it to extract clear and meaningful information that allows them to make smarter decisions and ultimately reduce costs.” - Darren Lloyd, Tribal.

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