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Data strategy: Taking the headache away - painless problem solving in the Trauma Unit

Posted by Tribal Group on January 20, 2016

Few people are aware that trauma is the number one cause of death for those aged less than 40 in the UK, with head injuries causing the most fatalities.

The Trauma Audit Research Network (TARN) is part of the NHS. TARN needed a way to electronically catalogue and analyse trauma care, providing national performance information and a baseline for hospitals to monitor their performance against past results and the performance of other hospitals.

That’s where Tribal came in. We worked with TARN to develop their electronic Data Collection and Reporting (eDCR) System, a web-based solution that would efficiently collect and then report on all patient trauma data in a single easy to use system. Trauma data is incredibly complex as any individual trauma patient can have a potential combination of up to 2,000 different injuries, which presents an infinite number of combinations when reporting the data. Consequently, our system had to put the user at the heart of it, guiding data collectors through separate sets of questions for each type of injury.

The system also needed to be able to collate additional information on the care received in each case, patient pathways, specialist facilities available at the hospitals and the seniority of clinicians involved in each stage of the case.

Doctors and administrative staff collect the data from strategically important points such as emergency departments (A&E), operating theatres, intensive care and neurosurgical units. Hospitals around the country use the system to collect trauma data for analysis by TARN to help improve standards of care and reduce the number of fatalities.

“Tribal has provided us with immediate access to more detailed information and our analysis can be translated into real service delivery improvements for trauma patients.”

Director of TARN

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