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Academic Migration - Part 2

Posted by Sophie Fryer on March 1, 2016

Our blog series 'Academic Migration' explores the different journeys students are experiencing when studying for their qualifications. Some choose to study in their home town, others move away to a new city and there are those who opt to live abroad and study internationally.

In Part 1, we spoke to Liza Tait-Bailey, a student from the UK who had chosen to study her degree in Abu Dhabi. She has had numerous travelling opportunities over the past three years.

In the second part of our blog series we speak to Aubrey Jacobs who is an international student studying at the University of Cambridge. He is originally from Belgium and moved to the UK six years ago to complete his PhD. We are keen to find out what made Aubrey decide to study in the UK:

Hey Aubrey! Thanks for chatting with us today.
Our industry magazine ‘#HeardInHE’ has been exploring what incentives students look for when picking a higher education institution.  With UK fees rising for most university courses, we would love to hear about your student experience. Tell us about your university…
 When did you first think about studying in the UK?

The idea came as I was considering funding options for my PhD. Roughly a year before moving to the UK.

What would you say were the deciding factors in your decision to study in the UK? Were you looking for something particular in a course or did you have the travel bug?

The option of pursuing my PhD at Cambridge became obvious when it turned out to be the only option to fund my research in Europe.

Once you had made your mind up, was there much information available to you in terms of being able to study in a different country? Was there a different process you had to follow when applying?

The board of graduate studies follows a long and very rigorous yet rather smooth application process.

Cambridge is a great city to be studying in! Would you say that you decided on your degree based on the location or the course content?

I based my decision on the availability of the funding.

What do you love most about studying in the UK? Have you had much opportunity to visit different parts of the country?

The two most compelling professional advantages of the University of Cambridge were the world class caliber of the research conducted in its labs and the wealth of opportunities it offers.

Aside from family, what do you miss the most about Belgium when you are away?

Good beers :) and the ‘tavern’ lifestyle where people would gather to exchange ideas until the morning hours in all decency (as opposed to “let’s get as many as we can down the pipe before the darn bell rings”).

And finally, what advice would you give to anybody thinking about international studying in the UK?

Make sure that you take the time to really appreciate what an amazing opportunity this could be. Plan it right and enjoy your experience!

Thanks so much Aubrey for sharing your story!

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