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Taking support to the next level - Sussex Downs College

Posted by Tribal Group on June 2, 2016

Over my two and a half years in support I have dealt with quite a few incidents for Sussex Downs College, mainly in my areas of specialisation (ILR, SLC), and for this very reason I was looking forward to meeting Janet Hawkins, our main contact for the college. Unlike my first visit to a college, when I was with a colleague, this time I was alone; however it was a challenge I was looking forward to. Thanks to my previous college visit I had some understanding of how ebs is being used by customers, and during my time in support I have learned that not all colleges are the same and therefore I was eager to learn more.

During my visit to Sussex Downs I was able talk to various members of staff who use ebs every day within their role at the college. Due to the amount of modules within ebs I do not support every aspect of the product and for this very reason I was interested in seeing how the college use the modules which I do not see very often -  in particular exam and also timetables and registers. Whilst with the exam team I was taken through their set up from the generation of candidate numbers to the production of exam seating. I found this to be beneficial as I previously had very little knowledge on these subjects - I was also able to make notes and bring these back to support. Spending time with timetables and registers was also useful as once I again I have limited knowledge on these modules. Most, if not all tutors use e-registers so there is little time spent having to mark these on windows. Usual tasks included adding learners to registers as well as working through the task list within ebs.

I also spent time with the enrolment, admission and curriculum teams - these modules are more familiar to me. Currently staff members are still inclined to use ebs central web whilst using central as well, so I pointed this out to Janet who also thought that this might be case and was keen to use some of their training days for ebs central refreshers.

Sussex Downs have recently started to use the Transfer+ component to integrate enrolments created through UCAS progress into ebs. This solution was configured by our professional services team.  UCAS progress is a website where students are able to create profiles and apply to courses at various colleges in the country. The admissions team advised me that this has reduced the amount of learners they have to manually add into ebs.

I also spent some time with Janet looking at the SLC import process; this is another module which I support however due to export and import of live data on the student loans company website, I have not had the opportunity to see the whole process. I believe that this will help me in the future when I am assigned these calls as I now have a deeper understanding of the college procedure.

Overall I thoroughly enjoyed my week at Sussex Downs College. Sometimes within support you can easily forget just how many people at a college use the system and how the support you give can really help to improve use of the system. The chance to meet staff at the college who use ebs was invaluable, not only have I met Janet face to face but I have been able to meet the rest of the MIS team and many others. This has been a great experience to build my relationship with our customers.  From my observations staff members used ebs is in an efficient and effective way and this was also evident in the positive feedback I received regarding the product, especially in areas such as ILR and workflow.  Once again this process has been mutually successful and l hope that in future more of my colleagues also have this opportunity!

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