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Guy has worked in international education since 1990 and joined i-graduate in 2011 to spearhead our work in SE Asia. Prior to joining us, Guy spent 14 years working for the British Council in a variety of roles and led on their involvement in transnational education providing support, intelligence and brokering to the higher education sector throughout Asia. Most of his time outside work is spent with his two young children devising schemes to keep them occupied.

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The real student voice - what do international students really want and need? 

Posted by Guy Perring on March 6, 2018

Those of you on the regular circuit of conferences and workshops in higher education will be more than familiar with discussions on the ‘Student Voice’ and ‘Generation Y,Z’ and the changing demands of students. However, much of the talk is led by academics, baby boomers or data analysts who have carefully collated student opinion. Rarely do we hear from the student themselves who we argue are central to the discussion, but remain peripheral to our conferences and debates.

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Satisfied students - using data to improve the student experience

Posted by Guy Perring on October 26, 2017

A recent visit to a university in South East Asia highlighted for me another aspect of the student experience that I hadn’t perhaps thought about in any depth. The head of admissions explained that they had just begun to reach out to their alumni and some had come back saying that they weren’t interested because their experience at the university had been so poor. They got the qualification that led to a job and hopefully a rewarding career, but didn’t look back on their university life with any fondness and were unwilling to re-engage with the university or contribute to a fund-raising drive.

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