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James Oakley has worked in a technical capacity in the Higher Education sector for over 18 years. He began his career working as a technical consultant with Capita Education Services, one of the largest services providers in the UK. Subsequent experience has spanned both technical and management roles including being involved in the establishment of Tribal’s operations in Australia, working closely with senior IT representatives from several institutions in the region. He has travelled extensively, liaising with universities as far reaching as South Africa, Fiji and Vancouver and has extensive experience integrating enterprise student solutions into universities’ technical ecosystems. More recently, James has been responsible for product direction for one of Tribal’s leading student management systems, working with institutions, government bodies and agencies on future trends in higher education. He is now Head of Product Management for Tribal’s Asia Pacific region and is involved in the application of cloud technologies to improve student experience.
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How emerging technologies are changing university life for Gen Z students

Posted by James Oakley on April 12, 2018

Just as rapidly evolving technologies are altering the way businesses serve their customers, they’re having a similar impact on how universities interact with students.

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