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In 2014 Prue joined Tribal’s recently formalised Transformation and Change team. Prue comes to Tribal with a proven background in delivering business transformation and change management for public and private sector clients’ across NZ, Australia and the UK. She is a pragmatic and results-driven consultant/change manager, specialising in designing and implementing strategic transformations such as system implementations, operating model/ organisation design, process improvement and cost reduction projects. Prue has had exposure to a wide range of change management and consultancy methodologies and works closely with clients to tailor an approach most suited to their needs.

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Finding the right person to lead the change - managing software implementation.

Posted by Prue Beams on March 20, 2018

It is widely recognised that no matter how effectively a software implementation is managed, its initial uptake and long-term success lies firmly in the hands of the project’s change team. There are many things to consider when assembling this team, such as what type of person should lead this effort and what support do they need? Should they come from within the organisation or from a third-party provider?

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