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What exactly is Tribal Edge? And why is it so important?

Posted by Tribal Group on September 4, 2019

Tribal Edge is THE next generation student information system. Tribal Edge has been built from the ground up as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaSplatform, delivered from the cloud, so there is no need for on-premise infrastructure. 

Although Tribal Edge is a new student management system, it is of course built on Tribal decades of experience and leadership in the higher education market. The design of Tribal Edge has been careful to incorporate all the powerful capabilities of Tribal’s current higher education student management systems, SITS:Vision and Callista, while taking the opportunity to revisit and improve every interface, workflow and process. 

The Tribal Edge approach is different in many ways; for example 

  1. More intelligentMachine learning and data analytics are built into every part of Tribal Edge to help students achieve their best potential while at college or university.

  2. More productiveEvery process and interaction with a user has been revisited based on extensive customer workshops to simplify the user experience, so that staff spend less time on admin and more time with students.

  3. More collaborativeTribal Edge is open, which means it is designed to work closely with any other open 3rd party systems, removing the need to keep the same student data in multiple places. Tribal Edge also uses industry-leading tools such as Microsoft’s Logic Apps and Event Grid to simplify integration and customise business processes.

  4. More efficientTribal Edge is a pure SaaS platform designed to be delivered from the cloud, removing the need to buy and maintain servers. Tribal Edge is kept constantly up to date with incremental software updates every 4 weeks without requiring downtime or normally without staff training. Where a larger change is includedTribal include a software ‘toggle’ which means that the new functionality is disabled until the customer is ready to turn it on for their users. 
Migrating to Tribal Edge 

Tribal Edge is highly modular and can be run as a standalone student information system, or it can be integrated alongside Tribal’s SITS:Vision and Callista.  

When deploying a new student information system like Tribal Edge, it also makes sense to take the opportunity to audit existing business processes and data structures instead of simply replicating everything in the new system. To help with this process Tribal will be introducing a ‘Tribal Edge Readiness’ professional service that will help existing Tribal customers make the necessary changes to their existing infrastructure and process to make the transition to Edge simpler and quicker  

Getting a first glimpse of Tribal Edge 

Tribal recognise that a move to Tribal Edge is a major strategic decision, so Tribal have developed two programmes to provide customers with hands-on access to Tribal Edge modules as they are developed - Early Access & Early Adopter. 

Early Access is intended for those customers that wish to evaluata Tribal Edge module before making the decision to deploy. It allows you to gain insight into new modules, features and functionality of Tribal Edge. Modules are fully functional, complete and tested, and are at a stage where you can get an understanding of what it does and how it works. It doesn’t require any integration or deployment, just login. Early Access is supported directly by the Tribal product team who developed the module. 

Early Adopter is to provide additional support to the first customers of a new Tribal Edge module. Under the close guidance and support of Tribal’s professional services team, it enables you to experience Tribal Edge with your data in your test environment, with your staff and students. We will work in partnership to provide additional technical support to help you move processes over to Tribal Edge. 


Please contact your Tribal Account Manager for more information, or alternatively you can register your interest in being part of the Early Access or Early Adopter programmes by clicking here.

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