Case Study

Case Study

Cornwall Marine Network

Posted by Admin on December 17, 2018

Cornwall Marine Network (CMN) is a membership owned organisation: created by a small group of Cornish marine businesses in 2002. CMN started as a small training provider, selecting Tribal’s leading learner management system, Maytas, back in 2012. Tribal has supported their growth into a larger company and Maytas has enabled their team to examine how processes should work and align with other areas of the business. CMN has found processes are now more efficient, resulting in a significant cost saving.

Capturing learner information and managing funding

CMN won a mainstream government contract (Train to Gain) and therefore needed a system which could capture learner information and upload it to the SFA. The business was expanding at this point and needed a learning management solution (MIS) which could suit the needs of the business. CMN selected Maytas and e-track, including the reporting and batch upload modules.

CMN met with Tribal staff to ensure the MIS suited the company needs. They had many ESF contracts, which they continue to work on today, so the system needed to be able to capture this training without including it in the SFA mainstream upload. CMN also needed the system to be able to predict ESF income which was achieved through the claims tab.

Evolving and improving processes

CMN’s use of Maytas has moved with the company and evolved over the years. Originally it was used purely for capturing learner information and drawing down mainstream funding. CMN now use the MIS to draw down reports for both training staff, management and the board of directors. Maytas is also used to help track membership and all learner and employer information is logged too! They have expanded the use of the system to include monitoring of Big Lottery contracts and short funding projects.

Maytas has provided CMN with an infrastructure to base processes and procedures around, see details of their procedures below:

  • The wizard is used when inputting data to ensure that staff capture all information required. Reports are produced to a schedule, meaning information is distributed regularly to staff and the board, therefore ensuring projects are on track and not under achieving. It is used by the training team to manage learner journeys and ensure that learners receive the right support to achieve their goals.
  • Use the reporting module and creator to develop and distribute reports to staff. These reports enable CMN staff to know continually how projects are performing and ensure that learners are on track to achieve.
  • The Board of Directors receive reports for the Board Meetings enabling them to make decisions and track performance. Maytas securely stores learner and employer data alongside data regulations.
  • The validation funding reports also ensure that clean data is passed to funding bodies, this ensures a smooth flow of funding from project primes.

Looking to the future

CMN is now on Register of Apprenticeship Training Providers (RoATP) and will be uploading directly to the SFA again, therefore they will be looking to reinstate the batch upload module and investing in more licences. The company hasn’t fully utilised the e-track system so they will be looking at this as an area for further development in the future.

Speaking on behalf of Tribal, Jason Greig Maytas Account Director said:

“We are proud to support CMN and help them grown their offering over the years. Their provision has gone from strength to strength, we are excited to help them further in the future.”

Working with the Tribal team

Bethany Allen, Claims and Operations Manager at Cornwall Marine Network Ltd said:

“Our account manager Jason has been brilliant at understanding the challenges of a private training provider and how Maytas can be of benefit as CMN grow. Jason has sourced specialist Tribal staff to help CMN expand knowledge of key areas of the system therefore adding value to the product. We have gained additional knowledge through the Tribal conferences which have enabled our staff to meet other users, learn helpful tips and problem solve with like-minded organisations.”

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