Case Study

Case Study

UK College of Business and Computing

Posted by Admin on December 16, 2018

The UK College of Business and Computing (UKCBC) is a higher education institution based in and around London, with six different campuses, specialising in providing higher education qualifications in the fields of Business, Tourism, Computing, Health and Social Care and Accounting.

Admission – Previous phase

When it came to UKCBC's admissions, Engage - the previous student management database, was not comprehensive enough to store the student data starting from the application stage; therefore, relied on two different platforms where one captured the applicant information and the other stored and managed that information. A web-based platform captured the student's initial data which was later printed out (application form) and stored either as a hard copy or on another Document Management system (DMS) as a scanned copy. Admissions also stored the information using the spreadsheet simultaneously with the other storage methods. This was often tricky when multiple users tried to access the data at the same time from various campuses, which caused data inconsistency. Extra manpower was required to streamline the data whenever it was required to be audited for the purposes of HESA and other statutory returns etc.

Admission - Transformation phase – SITS: Vision solution

Since implementing Tribal’s market leading student management system, SITS: Vision, UKCBC has transformed their admissions process. They now have one central database, one point of access for information and one process to follow across all campuses.

David Wraith, Professional Services Resource Manager at Tribal, said

“Our main aim was to help UKCBC to become self-sufficient with their admissions data and to give them a reliable and robust way of reporting on, and managing, their admission information. We also wanted to provide them with a solution that was as ‘out of the box’ and cost effective as possible, but could be amended and configured easily to meet their new processes. We believe SITS: Vision gives them this flexibility.”

SITS: Vision manages student administrative processes, from initial enquiry through to graduation and alumni. When asked what made Tribal stand out, Shiny Chauhan, Project Manager at UKCBC said

"Tribal indeed have the best consultants, who were able to understand our needs and the purpose of this project really well. As we are a growing institution, and we are still in the phase of executing a big implementation team for our DMS. In this scenario, we were able to call on our Tribal team as is they were our ownand they were able to provide us with the support we needed quickly and smoothly."

A healthy future

The implementation of SITS: Vision is an effective stage where the UKCBC team are able to work simultaneously from any campus on the same data platform without any time lag or any other risks. With full transparency and consistency of data; they can also ensure that the data reports are more reliable and quicker compared to the management of any spreadsheet or similar storage mechanisms. The efforts for the individuals working with it are minimised as the reports can be custom made corresponding to the needs like, HESA returns, other statutory returns, self-report for statistical comparisons etc.

The student lifecycle is much more transparent and the marketing department has more robust information available to them at a glance, rather than filtering through spreadsheets. The admissions team access the same live information, and applicants can also view and update their portal through e-vision where the amendments are directly stored in SITS for the office team to maintain. There is no duplication of work or overriding data. The management team are able to produce data easily from the system, which they can use for enhancing their strategic decisions as the data is reliable and the processes have been followed.

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